Lecture of Željko Khermayer

The winner in the European Social Innovation Competition for 2017 will come to Bulgaria for the first time to take part in the international conference Partnering for Change

Željko Khermayer is a passionate software engineer, social entrepreneur and innovator from Slovenia. In order to help the visually impaired and blind people have access to digital content and thus to increase dramatically their lives, he created Feelif – an innovative technology which enables blind and visually impaired people to feel shapes on a touch screen. Feelif won the European Social Innovation Competition in 2017 and is one of the top 150 innovations in the world according to UNESCO.

Željko Khermayer will be keynote speaker at the international conference Partnering for Change in Sofia on November 27th, from 12:45 until 13:30 in Grand Hotel Sofia, Triaditsa Hall. The speech will be open for external guests until the full capacity of the hall is reached. No prior registration is needed.

The story of Feelif started 5 years ago when Željko Khermayer watched broadcast about blind people and how they live with disability. He was deeply moved but also horrified, that those people are so lonely, because available technology for communications is so expensive and is unreachable for most blind people. Under strong impression and faith, that his 4WEB team can help those people, he started to search for solution. He had a vision that smartphones and tablets can become devices, which blind people could use in their everyday life. Knowing, that blind people read Braille, the main problem was how to display bump on a flat surface of touch screen. Soon he came up with an idea.

How did Feelif’s story unravel after that, what are the factors for their success and what are the challenges they face – come to Mr. Khermayer’s keynote speech and learn his story from first hand.