Yuriy Vulkovsky

Yuriy manages the Bulgarian branch of Reach for Change, a non-profit organisation that supports social entrepreneurs aiming to improve the lives of children.

Previously, he was the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Festivals Association, an organisation that brings together 20 of the most renowned festivals in Bulgaria. In his career, Yuriy took part in more than 20 projects aimed at giving a voice to the citizens of  Bulgaria and Europe. Yuriy is a co-founder and Strategy Group member of the European Initiative “A Soul for Europe” which aims to implement concrete steps and conduct projects to ensure that Europe makes greater and better use of its cultural assets. He has extensive experience in grants management, social entrepreneurship, measurement of social impact, organisation development and cooperation strategy. Yuriy is a Marshall Memorial Fellow 2011 and member of the European House of Culture. In 2014 Yuriy was selected as one of the 40 European Young Leaders (EYL40).