Nikolay Yarmov

Nikolay Yarmov is one of the CEED Network founders and is with CEED Bulgaria as Executive Director since its inception in September 2005. Mr. Yarmov has extensive hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, finance, private sector growth, SME development and loan guarantees. During his employment with USAID as Senior Private Sector Advisor, he has developed and implemented a successful $50 million firm level assistance program. In recognition of his professionalism and achievements, Mr. Yarmov has received various honors to include numerous Meritorious Honor Awards, Franklin Award, Federal Certificates and recognitions.

Nikolay Yarmov has Master degree in International Economics and studied microfinance in Boulder, Colorado. Mr. Yarmov continues his support for SME development in the region through consultancy work, lecturing on international conferences and training seminars to assist young entrepreneurs in their early stages of development.