Irma Liubertiene

Irma Liubertiene, President of the Lithuanian Social Emotional Learning Association, Founder and CEO of  Institute of Positive Education in Vilnius. 

 Irma Liubertiene started her teacher’s path in 2004, she trained in various activities for children of different ages, constantly sought out methods and tools for developing not only mental skills of children, but also personality, character, health, social and emotional intelligence. Understanding how important it is for children to first feel safe at school, to be heard, loved, Irma initiated the project Together with her partners, she developed a program for educating the emotional intelligence of teachers and presented it in Lithuanian schools. In 2016 the international organization Reach For Change awarded this project as the best idea for the prevention of bullying at schools, it became a good practice of the initiative of the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė “For a safe Lithuania”. In 2017 the systematic change was reached – the social emotional learning is now compulsory for every school age child and every teacher in Lithuania has to develop personal social and emotional competencies.

Currently Irma leads the non-governmental organisation Institute of positive Education and continues her doctoral studies at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, and focuses on creating a safe emotional environment in schools.