Denitsa Lozanova

Denitsa Lozanova joined the team that founded Sofia Development Association in 2010 as Research and Development Director. Over the past years she managed several international European projects in the area of urban development, innovations and cultural diversity. She was part of the expert teams who developed important strategic documents for the city of Sofia such as Sofia Culture Development Strategy 2012 – 2023 and Sofia Smart Specialization Strategy.

Her 10-years experience of working in one of the most interesting European regions – the Balkans, not only enriched her language culture with “Balkan esperanto” but also developed her skills for conflict situations management, communication in multicultural environment and leaders training.

She graduated with MA in European Studies from Sofia University. Believing in lifelong learning she never stopped to develop new skills through different specialisations, such as Explaining Europe in the Regions: European decision-making, lobbying, AER Training Academy, civil education and civil society development, IVLP, Department of State, USA.